Anflex GA – Google Analytics for WordPress

Anflex GA quickly adds Google Analytics to WordPress websites, provideing admin exclusion, external/download link tracking using Event Tracking.

Download the Current Stable Version


  • Administrator can be excluded from being tracked.
  • External Link and Download Link tracking can be enabled (using Event Tracking)

Tracking Options

Admin Exclusion

This option disables Google Analytics tracking code to be included to the webpage when registered user who is in “administrator” role accesses the site.

Link Tracking

Download Link tracking and External Link tracking are provided as options. Turn them on for start tracking, and tune up with adding/subtracting internal domains or file extensions.

Other Notes

  • Works with WordPress template that has wp_footer(); tag in place, which is usually at right before </body>, in many cases in footer.php template file.
  • This plugin uses jQuery bundled with WordPress distribution (/wp-includes/js/jquery.js) for Link Tracking and Plugin Settings screen. The default jQuery file in WordPress uses jQuery.noConflict(), hence functions are not written with “$”, but rather with “jQuery”. This plugin will not work if default jquery file is modified so “jQuery” function does not work.
  • Download Link tracking tracks all links with listed file extensions, regardless of it’s domain. In case a link URL matches both for External Link and Download Link, both will be tracked.
  • Download Links and External Links are in “Content > Event Tracking” report. For Download Links, “Category” is “Download Links”, “Action” is “Downloads” and “Label” is link URL. For External Links, “Category” is “External Links”, “Action” is “Clicks” and “Label” is link URL.